Promotional video production in Johannesburg

We are one of the best promotional video production companies when it comes to affordable marketing videos. Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to build your brand and reach your target audience. Video is essential to the modern day marketing toolbox:

  • Conversions on landing pages can increase by over 80% when video is used
  • Nine out of ten customers now use videos help to help them make buying decisions.
  • Video is just one of many marketing channels that businesses pursue to engage consumers, but it is so persuasive because it is often the most memorable. Business videos work because they proven to dramatically increase engagement and sales.

Branded Videos

A series of branded content videos have many advantages over a single TV advert or promotional video. Branded content has the ability to tell a unique story, entertain and truly add value to people lives. A power tool brand can for example produce wood working tips, a cosmetics brand videos about style, lawyers can produce videos about estate planning tips, the list is endless.

Television Commercials / Adverts

TV commercials are tried and tested ways to promote products and services. We work directly with brands, marketing departments, creative agencies and business owners to develop an effective television commercial.

Online / Digital

Most videos eventually end up on-line . We produce on-line video content for publishing on specific on-line platforms. We consider where, by whom, how and for how long it will be viewed. Our digital video production services include YouTube Pre-Roll Ads, YouTube and Facebook Marketing as well as live streaming.