Events Videos

We produce event videos that add marketing value to corporate events, music festivals, art festivals, community events and more. Events videos help you to maximize your event investment by using the video filming opportunities that it presents as a essential part of your event marketing plan.

To organise and market an event is challenging. Even with the best speakers, venue, schedule, and catering—the event will still fail if no one attends.

We produce events videos for conferences and online events like webinars to drive prospective attendees’ interest sometimes from half a world away. Video can be used to drive engagement before, during, and after events.

Event Promo Videos

We produce events highlights videos in one digestible package to convince people to sign up for your event or drop by your exhibition. A a promo video for an event usually includes previews of event content, mini-interviews with your speakers, and testimonials from past attendees.

Personalised Invitation Videos

Attendance is about getting attention and personalisation draws attention to your event.

Event Filming

Filming your event can maximize your event’s long-term return on investment (ROI). It helps with future registrations, as they’ll serve as a rich source of content throughout the year.

Live Streaming

Live streaming—whether you’re broadcasting the whole event or just the keynotes—is a great way to engage people at home. The recordings of those streams can also be used after the event.  Events videography can provide valuable pieces of video content that continue driving traffic long after the event.

Post-Event Follow Up Videos

Quick, personal videos to follow up exhibition leads.

Reuse Content Afterwards

Event videos can be used in your email campaigns, social media posts, blogs, and more.