Corporate Video Production

Contemporary, Relevant and Inventive

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, we produce fresh, innovative corporate videos for a broad spectrum of clients: PR agencies, advertising agencies, technology, finance, manufacturing, mining, fashion, retail, finance and non-profits.

Contemporary, Relevant and Inventive
Contemporary, Relevant and Inventive

Corporate Video for Our Times

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    Here's how our video production services, are used by our clients: From agencies, corporates, to small enterprises and non profits.

    Internal Video Broadcasts

    Our large, geographically diverse corporate clients use video to communicate effectively and personally with members of staff across the company.

    Our videos are integrated into Skype, Google Hangouts and many other forms of video conferencing to convey prerecorded key messages by key company executives, changes in procedures and policies, product news and releases, anything that needs to be disseminated across the whole organisation quickly.

    Corporate broadcasts are also used where it is vital that all staff receive the same message - for example, changes, management strategy, or to thank people personally after a successful year.

    Video News Releases

    The distribution of video footage has become an important communications tool for corporate PR campaigns and product launches. This is also called Corporate B-Roll or Video News Releases, (VNR)'s.B-roll can be used for other corporate video productions such as:

    • Sales Promotions
    • Product Launch Videos
    • Video podcasting
    • Television appearances

    Project Reporting

    At the end of major projects, lengthy review papers are often prepared to evaluate the lessons learned and the conclusions to be reported. While video will not replace the need for detailed evaluation, it can supplement this and provide a user friendly overview which can add depth and value to a written report.

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