Contemporary and Stylish

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Imagelab produces contemporary, stylish and engaging corporate and promotional videos. Our camera and video post production crews are talented and exposed to the rigorous standards and demands of international broadcasters, ad agencies and global businesses. Our videos are authentic and engaging and we care about how our work is received.

Contemporary and Stylish
Contemporary and Stylish

Video Production Special Packages

  • Corporate Video Broadcasts

    Corporate Video Broadcasts

    Video is an effective communication tool to reach employees in a large, geographically diverse organisation. A modern organisation generates a lot of content that can be shared internally and published in social media - award ceremonies, CSI initiatives, plant or branch openings, or extraordinary achievements. It is not practical or cost effective to approach all the content opportunities as full blown, high-end, corporate videos.

    Our cost effective monthly video production package will allow you to leverage this content for internal communications and external branding via social media.

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  • Tourism and Hospitality

    Tourism and Hospitality

    Video is proven to give outstanding results in online conversion from viewers to orders or users. Our tourism and hospitality package offers great value for money: Just like your website, videos can be optimised for SEO (search engine optimisation) and while it's often overlooked, it's an important step for getting your videos found online.

    Videos can help you in many ways, but most importantly, be incorporated in the Google + portfolio, which is important for mobile search - search engines know when people are searching from a mobile and a high quality presence will result in high rankings and sales conversions.

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  • Music Videos

    Music Videos

    A great deal for talented musicians struggling to develop an audience, provided you don't expect a Hollywood production for the price we ask. If it's online views your'e after, then our proven track record with unknown artists may just convince you that our approach really yields results

    Our music video production package includes a year's online marketing.

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  • Conference and Events Videos

    Conference and Events Videos

    Our multi-talented crew and clever use of technology allows us great flexibility in cutting costs on equipment rental and crew members involved. Imagelab films festivals, conferences, product launches, award ceremonies or other.

    Used as a record of the day, as a promotional tool for future events, or to provide extended global reach, capturing events via professional video is both versatile and cost effective.

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