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Corporate and promotional video production in Johannesburg, South Africa

We are a leading video production company in Johannesburg. We provide one of the best value-for-money video propositions for corporates, NGO's, businesses and professional service firms in South Africa. We will deliver videos that reach your marketing goals.


Outstanding Video Filming Crew

We are innovative, versatile and experienced in video production. Our videographers have experience in filming with international broadcasters such as the BBC, CNN and meet the most demanding and rigourous video production standards.

Value for Money Video Production

Our video production rates are of the most competative in South Africa. From social media videos to large-scale promotional videos, our films are exeptional value for money and deliver a return on invesment.

Video Editing and Design

Our commercial videos combine age old storytelling techniques with research and learning about the most efficient and impactful ways of producing and distributing video content, our video post-production skills help you really distinguish your brand and engage with audiences.

We are Green

We have a green philosophy and we contantly work to reduce our carbon footprint through the smart appplication of technology and small crews.

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Why is video production important?

Video's importance in content marketing is growing in significance. Popular applications of marketing videos today are:

Explainers: Most home pages have videos today. In the past, video were mostly used only to explain complex products or solutions. Today video is used to give a brief and engaging overview of your value proposition in two minutes or less.

Brand stories: Video is ideal for producing brand stories for publication on your website or on social media channels. Video offers a rich, nuanced experience to share brand values, brand origin, or brand mission. Video immerses your audience in your story.

Customised landing pages: Customised video on landing pages that match the invitation (call to action) you’ve sent  can boost conversion up to 80%.

Advertising: Many companies  use video ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube to drive traffic to their websites.

SEO: Video can improve your website's reach and search engine rankings. There are two types of Video SEO:

  • Produce and publish on YouTube to gain maximum reach and earned views. Google’s high rank for YouTube helps your search engine rankings. Your video will attempt to direct traffic back to your site … but in return for YouTube’s incredible reach and rank, there is the risk your leads getting distracted by other YouTube videos instead of following your call to action.
  • You can host the video on your site or work with one of the third-party sites that specialise in providing self-hosting services. The video and supporting text help the page itself to move up the rankings, meaning that traffic earned by the video is highly likely to stay on your site.

Educational content: From content on thought leadership, practical guides, or educational content, video is central to content marketing. It offers a short, enjoyable “lean-back” and interesting experience that can be published on your blog, learning or resource centers, or even serve as an free trailer to attract subscription content.

About Us: Customers of expensive products or long-term services are just as interested in the “who” as they are in the “what” or “how much.” The deciding factors are perceived trustworthiness and commitment to service when two providers are close on quality and price. Video is an excellent medium for communicating your values or putting a face on your company.

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